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Steamboat Springs Driver

In February 2008, Paul came from Montana on a road trip to Steamboat Springs. Üllr the Snow God unleashed during his trip, and it snowed 7 feet! Paul was hooked on Colorado winters.


Fast forward 11 years, Paul's kids went to college - he quit his job and rented his Montana house as fast as possible to be in The 'Boat Riding Every Day of the Season.


See ya on the slopes!

Meet the RideGuy

Steamboat RideGuy Shuttle Service Owner Paul M Snowboarding
Steamboat Resort Ski Area Photo Taken By Steamboat RideGuy Paul M During 2022-23 Season

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Steamboat RideGuy has 30+ years of experience,

excellent attention to detail and service and knows

where you need to get and where you should go

in the Yampa Valley.

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